As a successful business owner, there’s no such thing as having a bad day.

I’ll explain.

We are all human so life will happen at some point or another. Like when your train is delayed on the tracks for 45 minutes or when you’re in a meeting and your mind just won’t focus. Maybe you’ve had a string of bad luck lately and it feels like the universe is conspiring against you.

No matter what’s going on in your life, as a business owner, it’s your responsibility to show up as the leader of your company. That means being present, focused, and above all else, professional.

You represent the brand every time you step out into the world or show your face on camera. And first impressions are everything. When you’re consistently putting out valuable content, you never know which piece will be the first video, post, or blog a prospective client sees.

If they don’t like the image you present, they won’t dig deep enough to immerse themselves in the 10 to 20 years of education, experience, and expertise you have to offer.

Treat every upload and appearance like it’s the first time everyone in the room is seeing your brand and make it an experience they’ll never forget.

To do that, follow these top 10 ways to ensure you’re always representing your company in the best light, no matter what’s going on behind the scenes.

This list isn’t going to tell you to drink water, exercise, and get sleep. Those are the basics that you already know. In this article, we’re going to test your emotional intelligence to see if you truly know yourself and have full control over the way you react to the world around you.

Let’s not waste any time.

1. Get Dressed for Success

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to dress the part of a successful business owner. Whether you’re meeting with clients, game-planning with investors, appearing on a podcast, or giving a presentation, you need to look the part.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on designer clothes. But it does mean taking the time to put together a well-coordinated outfit that makes you look and feel confident.

2. Speak With Confidence

Your words carry enormous weight as a business owner. So when you’re addressing your audience, project confidence in your voice. This means speaking at a steady pace, without filler words like “um” or “like.”

It also means being aware of your body language. Stand up straight, make eye contact, and use your hands to gesture when appropriate. These nonverbal cues will make you come across as more confident and credible.

3. Prepare For Every Appearance

Think back to a time when you felt uncomfortable for someone else on stage. As soon as they got up, you could instantly tell they were unprepared and that’s the only aspect of their appearance you remember.

Don’t let that be you.

Whether you’re giving a presentation or going into a meeting, take the time to gather your thoughts. Yes, you already have years of knowledge packed in your brain but you need to figure out how to comprehensively share that with the rest of the world.

This way, you’ll be able to answer questions easily and confidently without getting flustered.

4. Stay Calm Under Pressure

As a business owner, there will be times when certain events don’t go according to plan. That’s just life. Maybe a client cancels at the last minute or an important shipment gets delayed.

When these seemingly stressful situations arise, it’s important to stay cool, calm, and collected. Take a deep breath and start coming up with solutions to the situation. This will help keep your cool in the face of adversity.

5. Make Evidence-Based Decisions

Part of being a successful business owner is being able to make tough decisions quickly. If you’re constantly second-guessing yourself, it will show in your actions and greatly hinder your decision-making skills.

Instead, trust your gut and go with your first instinct. You’ve spent years working hard to be in the leadership position you’re currently in, so…

Why wouldn’t you trust yourself even when the stakes are high?

6. Truly Listen To The People You Serve

Your business wouldn’t stay afloat without the army of people that support you.

Community is everything and stellar listening skills will help you build strong relationships with the people you work with.

One of the best ways to build rapport with someone is to be a good listener. When they’re talking to you, really listen to what they’re saying and ask follow-up questions. This shows that you’re genuinely interested in them and what they have to say.

It also allows you to learn more about their needs and how you can help them. That one conversation may be the key to unlocking your next BIG launch.

7. Project A Positive Attitude

No matter what’s going on in your life, it’s important to project a positive attitude. This doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time because that’s not reasonable. But it does mean being optimistic and looking for the silver lining, even in tough situations.

When you’re positive, people are drawn to you and want to work with you. So make sure you’re putting your best foot forward and radiating positive energy, no matter what’s going on behind the scenes.

If you need to know what it feels like to be in a room full of positive energy, start here.

8. Have The Courage To Stand In The Gap

To be successful, you need to be assertive. This means being able to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. It also means being able to say “no” when necessary.

Being assertive doesn’t mean being aggressive. Don’t get it twisted.

But it does mean having the confidence to defend your position and your team, even when it’s not popular.

9. Constantly Practice Humility

Even though you’re the boss, remember that you’re not always going to be right and that other people have valuable insights to offer. When you’re open to learning from others, it shows that you’re confident in your own abilities.

You have a team of brilliant individuals around you for a reason. They bring specific skills to the table that help strengthen your business. Listen to their insight and implement their groundbreaking ideas to truly scale your business to unlimited success.

10. Show Gratitude At Every Level

Last but not least, one of the most sincere ways to project confidence is to be grateful. When you’re thankful for what you have, it shows in your attitude and your interactions with others.

So take a moment each day to appreciate all the good things in your life. This positive mindset will create an affinity for success. Part of being grateful for the clients that support your business and the team that supports you is by continuing to share value.

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