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the same old story

When I was in my mid-30s...
My life changed.

I’m on a call with my then-new girlfriend, ready to deliver
The Same Old Story I’d repeated to girlfriends before.
It is a warning about why I’m going to destroy her life.

It went, “I’m just a kid from Harlem and I make money on the streets;
I’m going to give you a good life, but it’s not going to last long because bad things happen in the streets. It’s who I am; it’s what I know.” (Romantic, right?)

All true. Growing up in the

’80s Harlem, they called it the 

‘War on Drugs’, but it seemed
like it was the War on Us. 

They called it the ‘War on Crack’, but it felt like the
War against Blacks. My hard-working parents barely
scraped by; life expectancy for a kid like me: 16.

My friend Sean-O was gunned down when I was 14. First time I ever saw someone die. His name, painted on a wall I walked by every day, felt like a grim prophecy about me.

Harlem taught me survival:
you’re either Alpha or food.
I turned Alpha, made bad decisions,
and suffered big consequences.

I never killed, never hurt a woman or a child,
and never offended the defenseless. In fact,
I protected the defenseless; but I was angry because
I recognized institutionalized racism and watched
my father suffer hopeless discrimination.

Now, I knew my father used drugs, but when he said,
“Shaan, I have AIDS,” I pretty much tapped out and accepted I wasn’t going to do much or be much in life.
At just 14, I went numb and shut down. I refused to feel.

My father passed when I was 18, and that hardened 

my already apathetic demeanor.

I lived from then on in a silo, not caring about anything or anyone. I had only a GED
and any odd jobs I got, I walked out of. My life was a wreck well into my mid-30s;
I was a guy who kept driving into walls over and over again; a crash test dummy.

This brings me back to the beginning, where I’m about
to give my new girlfriend the Same Old Story.

But then something
strange happens…

While giving the awful speech, I have what I can only call 
an out-of-body experience.  It’s as if I’m looking down on myself, 
watching me give this horrible speech!  I question my cycle of repetition.

“Are you really going to write the same book again?
Are you really going to destroy her life and yours again,
like you’ve always done in the past? You know how this story ends.”

Realization struck!

I’d professed belief but never allowed for miracles.
My will, not divine power, guided my life.

Confused, angry, and weary, I admitted defeat and finally yielded control.

I got out of the driver’s seat, walked over, sat down in the passenger’s
seat, and declared to myself, “I’m letting a higher force drive.”

Scary because I had no roadmap, yet I vowed,

“I’ll go wherever sent. I’ll do whatever you ask.”

For the first time in my life,


Five days later, out of the blue, I got an email
advertising a college scholarship for single parents.

Divine prompt. I was single, and I was a Father.
I applied and succeeded.

That’s how my new life began.

Since then, I’ve never looked back, never left school,
never gotten sidetracked from my progress –

My New Identity

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my Old Story

Do you believe in

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Fast forward, I emerged from
my wreckage as an organizational
consultant, doing workforce
development, and speaking all
over the country.

My first main objective was to retire my wife. She was catalyst to success. So I crushed every obstacle in my path until I could give her freedom. But I still worked for someone else. I wanted TOTAL freedom.

During COVID, when people
everywhere froze, I responded
by diving into my OWN business.

I went live on Facebook, and I made $450,000 in less than 90 days organically by helping people. During the pandemic, I earned myself the freedom to do what I want, when I want, wherever I want, for however long I want. That’s why I say, “Business ownership is your path to impact, income, and independence.”

Today, with three master's degrees, and on track for two doctorates,
I am blessed to be a coach and guide for my clients to find TRUE freedom.

We start by turning what happens TO them,
into what happens to FUEL them. 

I’m blessed to be married to the same woman I almost “gave the talk to,”
and our relationship is under the guidance of God.

Most of all, I’m proof – me, just a kid from Harlem – that freedom and transformation can be accomplished by anyone. But you’ve gotta stop living the same old story.

Shaan Rais

The simple question is are you getting what you want in life? It can be fast when you’re committed and open. 

I first stepped foot on a college campus just 10 years ago.
And now I have 3 masters degrees, 3 best-selling books,
over $15 million in client revenue, in current pursuit of 2 PhD’s,
a wife, and phenomenal, beautiful children.

It CAN happen if you are open to the timeline
and committed to your growth.

I’m going to help you play BIGGER. To get B.O.L.D.

A B.randed O.riginal L.eader who D.OMINATE


& The Values of


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Love & Loyalty are everything. If you can't be
trusted to act from love, there's no reason to
work together. With love and loyalty, I believe
we can achieve more as individuals, and give
more to the world.

Ethics Image


Something always stuck with me from my time in
Clinical Psychology, the Vow to “Do No Harm.”  Ethics
MUST come first. This is why I practice and preach
putting People over Profit, Ethics over Economy, and
Transformation over Transaction.

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If you’re not comfortable in your skin, then you’re being
disingenuous. Pythagorus said it best: “Man, Know
Thyself.” When you know yourself, you know how to be
true to yourself, and are able to embody Imperial
Confidence no matter who you're speaking to. 

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Everyone looks phenomenal coming out the starting
gate. Few have the discipline to develop the
skills overtime to dominate. 

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I don’t believe in flash, fluff, or surface level greatness. I
believe Evidence-Based Coaching is the only Ethical
and Sustainable way to be a Leader in this industry, and
I’m firmly committed to continue learning and educating
myself to always stay on top of the game.

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You don't have to love me, like me, or work with me, but
you will respect me. Respect yourself and others will
respect you. Self respect and respect for others are the
cornerstone of lasting mutualism and relationships.

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Most people want to be served. I am here to Serve.
My background is in Social Services and I am a
Certified First Responder. I believe the key to living
is giving, and if you help someone else get what they
want, you'll get it too. 

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I believe in vulnerability and truth. I believe real leaders
aren’t afraid to let you see them in their heart, so I don’t
make decisions with my mind that my heart is not
connected to. I’ve learned that If you can connect the
power of your mind with the power of your heart, you
are unstoppable.

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Every single night before I go to bed, I put myself
through the Mirror Test. I look at myself in the mirror
and ask “Did everything I do today align with who I am?
With my morals, values, and principles?”  I believe this is
integrity, and if you have it, you’ll always be dominating.
If you lose it, you lose everything. 

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Purpose & Passion are the seeds of Fulfillment. I believe
that if you’re not working to fulfill your purpose, then
you’re working to fulfill someone else’s. People know
when you’re in your purpose because you become so
energetic, people feel it, and it attracts and influences
them to follow in your footsteps.