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Shaan Rais equips leaders and organizations with the principles, strategies and keys to unlock their edge.

Shaan Rais is a highly experienced Organizational Development Speaker, Leadership Development, and Personal Branding Expert with a proven track record of helping organizations, high-level executives, and small business owners to scale their growth and impact. He is the #1 Best-Selling Author of The 7 Prerequisites To Success and has been personally mentored by the world-renowned Motivational Speaker, Dr. Eric Thomas.

Shaan’s recent #BrandedLikeALeader campaign has earned him a reputation as a top personal branding expert and catapulted him to influencer status in the online entrepreneurial space. This campaign empowered entrepreneurs to create and launch personal brands, resulting in Shaan being featured in leading publications such as Forbes, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Yahoo Finance.

Shaan is renowned for his high-energy presentations, evidence-based leadership development methodologies and tools, and ability to drive results. His unique approach, which combines cutting-edge research with practical insights, has made him a sought-after speaker for organizations and teams looking to overcome productivity bottlenecks, improve staff retention, and enhance overall performance.



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The 7 Prerequisites To Success: Pathways To Paramount Performance. The Phenomenal Leader: 31 Styles Of Leadership In 31 Days, Executive Coaching For Leadership Development


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Monthly contributor to Forbes Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine


Kendall Ficklin, Dan Lok, Eric Thomas, Jay Abraham, Society Of Human Resource Management (SHRM),, Society Of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), Association Of Talent Development (ATD), Fielding Graduate University




Shaan’s expertise encompasses a wide range of offerings, including keynote presentations (both virtual and in-person), lectures, consulting, coaching, and a variety of physical and digital products. With a results-oriented approach, Shaan is committed to delivering top-tier services that empower his clients to reach the next level of success.

Shaan has an impressive educational background with three master’s degrees, including an MA in Organizational Development & Change (Business Building), an MS in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (Motivation and Performance in Organizations), and an MS in Educational Leadership (The Transference of High-Level Education). Currently, Shaan is currently in dissertation mode completing both a PhD in Organizational Development & Change and an EdD in Leadership for Change.

Shaan is a Forbes Coach Council Member and monthly contributing author. Additionally, he is a member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network and a monthly contributing author for Entrepreneur.

Shaan is the best selling author of The 7 Prerequisites To Success: Pathways To Paramount Performance and the Phenomenal Leader: 31 Styles Of Leadership In 31 Days, Executive Coaching For Leadership Development. Billion Dollar Brand is releasing 2023.


Shaan Rais is an Organizational Development Speaker, Leadership Development and Personal Branding Expert with over 15 years of experience working with organizations, high level executives, and small business owners to scale their growth and impact.

His high voltage presentations and evidence-based leadership development methodologies and tools makes him a well sought after speaker for organizations and teams looking to un-kink bottlenecks in their productivity, staff retention and enhance their overall performance.

“Shaan is someone I have worked with and consulted with, advising him over several years and watching him evolve into a great leader in his own right.”

Dan Lok

“It is my pleasure to recommend Shaan Rais’ framework to you.”

Eric Thomas

“Shaan reminds me of another mentee of mine, Daymond John. They both came from a poor and hard scrabble background and rose to do phenomenal things.”

Jay Abraham


I’m just a kid from Harlem, who God Chose to show his favor and mercy through!


Shaan Rais is a Personal Brand Development Coach and the founder of Omni Solutions Consultation, a firm committed to Leadership Development and Personal Branding. Hailing from Harlem, New York, Shaan grew up in the late 80s and ‘90s during the infamous War On Drugs; Harlem was at the epicenter, and many of his peers fell victim to the times; Shaan credits “God’s grace and mercy” for his survival during this time. His early childhood experiences and survival story shaped his belief that a person’s circumstances did not dictate their life. Instead, life’s successes and failures directly result from choices and decisions, actions and discipline.

Shaan’s first paradigm shift made him determined to leverage his early experiences into life lessons that would serve him in business. His clients and team are often reminded of one of his earliest lessons “Once you change the narrative for yourself, you can change the narrative for everyone connected to you.” Meaning that our personal decisions have the power to impact those around us.


Shaan’s second paradigm shift occurred at 30 years old when he realized that to create impact and significance; he had to finish something he started a decade earlier… College. Shaan obtained not one but two Master’s Degrees. One in Organizational Development and Change and one in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. His Harlem roots instilled a deep desire to serve people from similar backgrounds with an Evidence-Based Approach. By 2019, Shaan was a successful consultant for the state of New York, building a thriving speaking and coaching firm on the side while pursuing a dual Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Change and EdD for Leadership for Change. The pandemic halted life and the economy. As a speaker, Shaan’s firm was heavily impacted. During this time, Shaan formed the Leadership Leverage Executive Coaching Community, realizing that the market was filled with men and women with the education, experience, and expertise to lead. Still, they didn’t have a personal brand or deep understanding of business development. Shaan released his first signature course, Branded Like A Leader, to further support his growing leadership community. As a result, hundreds of leaders have learned how to turn their businesses into six and seven-figure personal brands. Others have grown their personal brand and leadership skill within their organizations and doubled and tripled their income, impact, and independence as a result.


With the success of his clients, Shaan shifted his goal from helping as many people as possible to ensuring that he had a team, systems, and processes in place to multiply his impact and reach. With a team in place, Shaan amassed sales of $450K using Authenticity Marketing, no ad, no ‘conventional’ sales model, no funnel, and no campaign. Shaan credits his success to hard work and his homegrown team of renegades”, often joking that his team “sleeps upside down hanging by their toenails and eat bullets.”

In 24 months, Shaan and his team of renegades have released several courses under the Like A Leader methodology: Branded Like A Leader, Coaching Like A Leader, Consulting Like A Leader, Closing Like A Leader, Speaking Like A Leader and Marketing Like A Leader. Shaan’s signature program has facilitated hundreds of career pivots and successful transitions to entrepreneurship.

Also working with organizations to develop their leaders through the principles of Personal Branding and Leadership Development using his 4-prong patented methodology: Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Emotional Intelligence and Authenticity these leaders have Added Multiple Zeros to their company’s valuation and global impact.

His motto is “you build the world, the same way you build a company, you build the people.”

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