Bobby Jackson

But that’s not the best part, working with Shaan Rais allowed me to retire myself from the military, my wife from her job, change cars, and the additional revenue allowed me to even… add 2 more lovely children to our family. Being in finances and responsible, we wouldn’t have gotten pregnant if we couldn’t afford it.

Jeleta Robinson

Shaan and I had an Energetical Transaction. From the moment we met, he was speaking on stage, and then when he told me the price to work with him I honestly didn’t know how I was going to pay it… but I said YES! And then life started to change so fast it was surreal.

Jason Rodriguez

Mr. Shaan Rais is an exceptional Leadership development coach. Shaan has helped me through many obstacles I have encountered while building my Insurance practice. Through his training, I have also learned many valuable lessons about life as well; his knowledge and wisdom are second to none.