Although it may sound cliché, you cannot start a life transformation if you don’t know you need it. As it appears in the magnificent movie “The Peaceful Warrior”: you can live a lifetime without waking up. How can you become conscious? It’s very simple: facing your truth. This means that you should listen to the indicators of your life: mental exhaustion, you have no goals; you argue more than you laugh, you only have fun in a specific pattern with specific people and it is hard for you to rest. At the same time, it is very difficult for you to accept this truth. You are not brave nor humble enough to recognize that these indicators (or others) are not normal.

Taking Responsibility

You must take responsibility for the steps you need to make for a life transformation. The word responsibility is sometimes misconstrued or taken only in a specific context. So many people do not want to take responsibility for anything. However, everyone wants the results derived from this responsibility. Sorry, but this doesn’t work like that. If you want to transform your life, you will have to dedicate time, love and understanding. You must be accountable for the actions you take; especially, if they do nothing to get you to your life’s goals.

Identifying Your Goals and Dreams

Once you take responsibility for your actions, you will be able to identify what you do not want in your life. If you are at the point where you are ready to make major moves in your life so you can get to different milestones, then you should document your goals and aspirations and the practical steps necessary to get you there. Put into practice what you have written down. Ask for help, if you need to, but never give up; even when it gets difficult.

Transform Your Environment

If you want a life transformation to succeed, then you may have to change your environment and the people around you. If you have negative people around you, for example, it will stifle your dreams. Instead, you should surround yourself with positive people who may have the same life’s goals or focus as you do. Or, these individuals could be people who know how to encourage and motivate you.


Remember that life is not about competition and individualism, but about collaboration and humanity. Be open to collaborating with others who have similar goals as you do. Find a role model or coach to emulate. Life transformation is a decision and an important one that you have to make, if you want to succeed with your goals and dreams.