If you missed The Business To Brand Mastermind, you MISSED out! The Brand Team and I headed to the Marriott Resort and Spa last week for a phenomenal 3-Day Live Event, and it was non-stop energy from the beginning to the end. In this article, I want to share a few highlights. To be notified about the next event, join the email list.

In our first session, we had the pleasure of hearing from Dan Lok. If you don’t know who Dan Lok is, he’s a business -mogul, author, and philanthropist. H He’s also the author of the bestseller F.U. Money: Make as Much Money as You Want.

In his talk, Dan shared phenomenal wisdom with The Business To Brand attendees about making the mental shift to change your identity from a six-figure to a seven-figure earner. You’ve probably heard about shifting your identity so let me share some insight from an evidence-based coaching perspective on how you can make this happen.

An identity shift is about changing your habits. To change your habits, you must define:

  1. What are the practices of a seven-figure earner?
  2. How can you make those habits part of your daily routine?

Some of the shifts Dan spoke about included:

  • Investing in your mindset
  • Being unapologetic about your goals
  • Continuously learning and expanding your knowledge
  • Taking massive action from a place of assurance vs. fear.

Quotable: “Get into the business of helping winners, when more” – Dan Lok

Next, we had Anthony Flynn, the founder of Amazing CEO, on our virtual stage.

Anthony is a follow-through and productivity expert with a wealth of experience in successfully leading businesses and high-earners to new heights. He’s worked with the highly sought-after Eric Thomas and brands ranging from Chic-Fil-A to the NFL. Anthony excels at translating ideas into actionable plans that produce tangible results. Anthony outlined how vital it is to identify your target market and operate from your unique strengths.

Some of the key takeaways from Anthony’s talk were:

  • Position your brand where your audience is and know who you are targeting
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition separates you from everyone else in your industry, so make sure it is clear and concise.
  • Create your signature framework and infuse your DNA into everything you do.

Quotable: “Don’t overestimate who you ACTUALLY are, while underestimating who you REALLY can be” -Anthony Flynn

Last but not least was our M.C., the one and only June Archer, a former Executive and highly sought-after change agent. June discussed the Power of Reinvention through Personal Branding. June has worked with artists like Jay Z and other industry executives like Russell Simmons. The key to June’s success is his ability to connect authentically.

As he put it,

“Your brand extends beyond you; your reputation will dictate how the people connected to you will be perceived.

If you want to change how people see you, it starts with being authentic and genuine.

June went on to say that to reinvent yourself successfully; you have to have a solid reputation that you can fall back on.

Some of the critical points from June’s talk were:

  • Seeing closed doors as opportunities for growth
  • Leveraging your MVPs (morals, values, and principles) to solidify your brand
  • The importance of remaining authentic and transparent

The Business to Brand Mastermind was an event you did not want to miss. We had some of the most brilliant minds in the industry sharing their wisdom with us. Sign up for the email list to be notified of the next event if you missed it.